Our package of services

A well-defined tendering process that takes place in a number of well-defined phases: this is what Topaz Cleaning Consultants offers you. In a manner that is demonstrably impartial, we advise you in your choice of a cleaning company and we make sure you conclude a watertight contract. Or perhaps you would like us to analyse quotations you have received? This too is possible within our flexible concept.

Contract review
You can achieve continuity in optimal cleaning maintenance with the temporary enlistment of the contract analysts and interim managers of Topaz Cleaning Consultants. Changes in the work situation, new staff members, illness: all of these are reasons which can cause attention to cleaning maintenance to slip. And this will have an effect on costs and quality.

Quality measurements
Periodic quality measurements prevent complaints and assure you will not be faced with surprises in respect of costs. Our measurements make use of the quality measuring systems of the Dutch Association for Cleaning Research (Vereniging Schoonmaak Research). But if a client prefers another system (perhaps your own?), we can work with it. We can measure both the technical result of cleaning and the perception as experienced by users of a building.

Organisational adjustments
What are the strong and weak points of your cleaning organisation? Is there really one right balance between price and quality? Are contracts managed well, are quality systems implemented? We will be happy to answer these and many other types of questions you may have about your cleaning organisation. We translate our answers into advice for restructuring. And if you wish, we can also oversee the restructuring of your organisation.

Certification is a must for every cleaning organisation. Topaz Cleaning Consultants watches over your complete certification process, from initial inventory, supervision of employees and implementation, all the way to trial audits and adjustments: in short, from start to finish. And of course we maintain contacts with the accreditation organisation.

We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you and your staff. For this purpose, we have a complete package of training courses in the field of cleaning, where we work together with organisations such as the foundation jointly set up by employer and employee organisations for the advancement of training in this field (Stichting Scholing en Vorming Schoonmaakbedrijven en Diensten). We provide training for staff in middle and higher management. But we can also offer customised courses, depending on the specific wishes of your company.