Topaz Cleaning Consultants

Our Concept 
Topaz Cleaning Consultants is an advisory and training company in the field of cleaning maintenance. All our work is based on our concept that a well-kept workplace influences the results of every organisation. A pleasant working environment motivates employees and contributes to a healthy work climate. The Cleaning Consultants Concept of Topaz supports employee satisfaction and positive operating results.

Skill and expertise
Putting this concept into practice demands extensive skill and expertise: a great many factors have an influence on effective cleaning maintenance. Take, for instance, the style of a building, the way it is furnished or other typical characteristics of your company such as organisational culture or the products you supply. But the environment, labour legislation and aspects such as equipment used are also factors that affect cleaning. Thanks to their many years of experiences, our consultants are excellently informed on all these aspects of cleaning maintenance, so they can be of optimum service to you.

Our field of work
Topaz Cleaning Consultants works for national and multinational companies and is active in the market of cleaning companies as well as facility management organisations in health care, industry, government agencies and public companies, and business services. For cleaning organisations from large to small, in offices or production companies, our consultants are able to put our concept into practice anywhere and everywhere.